Northern Illinois Adventure Racing's Annual Winter Orienteering Event

YAK-Off 3

12/10 - Rock Cut's construction is complete so we were able to get full access to the entire park and have a great course set for the 3-hour race. This race will be geared toward the beginner racer, but will challenge the veteran racers to clear the course in the time allowed. 

12/21 - Registration is up and running. We will finish plotting the 3 hour course this weekend and have a few additional CPs to place for the 6 hour race. We will have it all done by the end of next week so we will have plenty of time to create maps. We are setting this course with no snow on the ground, so things could change a little the closer we get to the race date.

12/23 - 3-Hour course is complete with 30 Checkpoints for the course. 

12/30 - 6-Hour course is complete with a total of 55 Checkpoints for the course. Racers will receive the main map during race week, but will not get their mystery map, until they are out on the course. We will have a marked CP where teams can find the mystery map at during the race. 

12/31 - We were able to hang ribbons on all of the CP's for the 3 hour course and ran (more like a slow trot at our age) it to make sure it was manageable. The course will have a little of pavement, gravel, trail, and some bushwhacking. We did try to include a little pavement just in case we have a ton of snow, racers can got to different parts of the woods a little easier. The 3 hour course will utilize a large number of trails, but there are a few sections where setting a bearing on your compass will be a lot shorter. Total distance for the 3-hour course is approximately 7 miles with the correct route choice.

CP #9 out on the course. 

1/28 - Courses are mapped out and we are ready to print maps and hang CP's in the woods. We were out at the park yesterday, and trails were wet and slippery. We were going to wait to make a call on letting racers use the lake this year, but with the warmer weather we have had and the projected warm spell, the lake will be off limits. Creeks and culverts can be used if racers decide to get wet, but the lake is going to be officially out-of-bounds.

2/4 - This weather is crazy. With the snow pretty much gone and the warmer weather we are almost looking at a spring race. 

Trail conditions as of 2/4

2/10 - All Checkpoints are hung and ready to go. There are plenty of thorns out there so be prepared (especially the 6 hour racers). We have a few corrections to make early this week with maps, but our hope is that we are able to email them to you by Thursday (at the latest). We will email them to the addresses that everyone used on the registration page. Once maps are emailed, we will also post them to our website. We will also send out a very brief pre-race video that will be geared toward beginner racers, but will have important information in it, especially for the 6 hour racers. 6 hour racers will receive their main map this week, but there will be an Aerial Map that you will find out on the course at one of the CP's (this will be marked on your clue sheet). Hopefully the weather stays this nice for next weekend. We have close to 75 racers coming out so it should be a great time. If you have any questions during this week just let us know.

Placing the first CP for this year's winter race.