Northern Illinois Adventure Racing's Annual Winter Orienteering Event

YAK-Off 3

1/20 - We are done with competing in the 48 hour POCAR and ready to focus on the Yak Off course. To be honest, most of our training was scoping Rock Cut for good CP locations, so we are ahead of the game. The 3rd map for the 6 hour race will be completed this weekend. At this point, we are planning a course with no snow on the ground, but will adjust if needed as we get closer to the race. 

1/22 - We have completed Map #3 for the 6 hour race. This made will be reveled to racers during the race. Racers will find this map at a designated CP on Map #2 and then complete this section. Approximate distance for Map #3 is 3 miles. Map #3 for the 6-hour race will not be revealed until you are out on the course during the race.

Eyes of the World Racers getting back into the woods for the first time since finishing the 48 hr. POCAR orienteering race last weekend. It was a great morning to mark a course.

We got snow! The 2 hour course and Map #1 are complete.

1/29 -  Rockford finally received a significant amount of snow! We finished marking the 2-hour course this morning. It is approximately 3.5 - 4 miles with 15 CP's. As of today, the 2-hour map is complete along with 2 out of 3 maps for the 6-hour.

2/5 - We finished setting the entire course this morning. All three maps for the 6 hour race and the map for the 2 hour race are set. There are a total of 15 CPs in the 2 hour race and 41 CPs for the 6 hour race. Yes, the 2 hour map is one of the 3 maps used in the 6 hour race. Part of the course we set this morning for the 6 hour race can be challenging with little trails to use as guidance and we are not adding any clues for this section on the clue sheet so racers will have to rely on their navigational skills. Please check out our itinerary link for more information on the race. Distances are approximate with the 2 hour racers looking at between 3.5 and 4 miles assuming navigation is spot on. 6 hour racers will be looking around 13 miles total with some sections that are a little thicker that may slow the runners down. CPs are all marked and ready to be placed in the woods next weekend. We will send out an email, but starting 2/11 Rock Cut State Park will be off limits for all racers. We don't want any local teams to gain an advantage. 

Overall winner in the 6 hour division will receive a free team entry for our 10 hour summer adventure race. The course we have in mind for that race is going to be AWESOME!! I think we have had some cool courses the last few years, but this one is going to be even better. A lot of water and tons of navigational choices.

2/11- Please read our home page about our latest update. Due to a press release the day before we were going to set the CPs, we learned that a huge chunk of our race course will be closed to the public. Needless to say, it has been a busy day, but we have set a new course, mapped it out, and CPs are hung and we are ready to race. We will finish setting the rest of the course tomorrow, but we can't wait to have everyone out there enjoying one of the best areas in Northern Illinois. We will keep everyone up-to-date on the closures, but for right now, racers should plan on entering Rock Cut off of 173. It sounds like the entrance off of Harlem Road will be closed over the highway.  We now have a course set that is safe from the closures, so we are all good. During the week will send everyone an email with race specifics, maps and a prerace video. If you have any questions before you get the information just let us know at