The Rock Expedition/Adventure Race

When - August 6, 2022

Where - Race HQ will be located inside Rock Cut State park which is located in Northern, Illinois.

What - 10 Hour Adventure Race OR 4 Hour Adventure Race

10 Hour Race -  The Rock 10-Hour Adventure Race will include multiple disciplines with a heavy emphasis on expedition-style land navigation. Racers should expect to get wet and spend some time "creekteering" and traversing through some of the most scenic areas Northern Illinois has to offer. After a spectacular start, racers will be looking at biking on both roads and flowy single-track along with a paddle and multiple orienteering sections. This race will have plenty of transitions and checkpoints to keep racers busy along their route along with a "choose your own adventure" section that will spice things up. This course will be designed to challenge all levels of racers and will most likely see some of the top adventure racing teams and orienteerers attempting to conquer the course. This will definitely be a race you want to have on your calendar since the layout will be NEW and exciting while giving racers plenty of route options. We are so excited to host another 10-hour adventure race this summer and hope to build off of the success and fun everyone had last August. Due to the heat in August, we have designed a course that will allow racers plenty of opportunities to cool off in the creeks around Northern Illinois. We will provide maps for all racers!  The course design will have racers experiencing three main legs:

Leg #1 - Expedition style  (Point-to-point navigation traversing parks, creeks and rivers)

Leg #2 - The "trifecta" where racers will choose their order of adventure (single track mountain biking, short-o section and paddling)

Leg #3 - Foot-orienteering section.


Paddling (3.5 miles) - Racers may bring their own boats. This race will not be won or lost on the water.

Road Biking - Approximately 20 miles

Single Track - Approximately 8 miles

*Mountain Bikes are Mandatory 

Foot - Hard to say at this moment, but a good majority of the race will be on foot.

This race is also a part of the Wisconsin Adventure Racing Series in addition to a USARA sanctioned race

10-hour racers will have to purchase a USARA membership. You can either purchase the $8 single-event membership or the annual membership for $35. You can find more information out here -

If you have any questions please contact me at

4 Hour Race - The Rock 4-Hour Race will be designed for the beginner or entry-level adventure racer. If you are new to the sport or curious about giving adventure racing a try, this course design will be perfect! Racers will be riding single-track trails along with paddling and orienteering. Racers will be able to "choose their own adventure" to start the race and finish the four hours off with a beautiful, yet challenging orienteering section on foot. We encourage families and adventurous people looking to try something new to give this course a go. You will get wet, muddy, and find yourself navigating through some great terrain. This should be a "must-do" race for every adventure junkie out there. The entire race will be done by using a map and compass only. We will provide maps for every racer!


Paddling - Between 1 -3.5 miles (Racers may bring their own boats, but we do have some for rental if needed).

Single Track Biking - Between 3 and 8 miles

*Mountain bikes are not required, but we highly suggest using them. The single track is not technical so it is great for all levels of racers).

Foot - Hard to say at this moment, but a good majority of this race will be on foot in and out of creeks. 

Tentative Schedule:

10 Hour Race

Bike Drop - 6:00 (approximately an 18 min. drive to Race HQ)

Registration Opens - 6:30

Transport to Race Start - 7:15 (approximately a 19 min. drive from Race HQ)

Pre-Race Meeting - 8:00

Race Start - 8:15

Race Ends - 6:15

Awards / Food - 6:45 - 7:45

*Boat Drop will be at Race HQ (Racers are allowed to bring their own boats)

4 Hour Race

Registration - 9:30

Pre-Race Meeting - 10:15

Race Start - 10:30

Race Ends - 2:30

Awards / Food - 3:00