Northern Illinois Adventure Racing's Annual Winter Orienteering Event

YAK-Off 3

8 Hour Race

This year's course will  start and finish at Atwood Park, right off the Kishwaukee River. Teams will race on foot, bike and tube as they try to collect as many  checkpoints that they can during the 8 hours.  While using a map and compass to locate checkpoints, teams will have complete decision making during this race, hence the name, Free-For-All. Teams will visit various parks in the Rockford area and will be given full discretion on route choice, order of events, and how they want to attack the checkpoint. In addition to racing in some beautiful areas, teams will also be able to ride some newer single track and tube down a section of  the Kishwaukee River. Racers will  be met with a maze of rivers to navigate on foot, and will  be challenged on all levels. There will be plenty of transitions between disciplines and no crazy, long bike section. This year's race will not utilize Rock Cut, so we are focusing on a different part of Northern Illinois.  There is no bike drop, paddle drop, restricted roads or forced route choice, just show up and race. Once again we will provide each racer with a map and send out race specifics the week of the race so you can strategize and plan your race day route.

4 Hour Race

This race is geared toward the beginner adventure seeker; however, it will be a blast even for a seasoned adventure racer that just wants to get out in the woods. Our entire course will stay in Atwood, so racers do not have to worry about biking on busy roads. The course will have racers navigating on foot and bike, riding some friendly single track, and tubing down the Kishwaukee River. If you have ever wanted to give adventure racing a try, this race will  provide a great experience into the sport. Remember, racers can only use a compass to navigate the maps that we provide.  We will provide each racer with a map and send out race specifics the week of the race so you can plan accordingly.